It’s not only drones and driverless cars that may become the norm someday - ocean-faring ships might also run without captains or crews. The Pentagon on Monday showed off the world’s largest unmanned surface vessel¸ a self-driving 132-foot ship able to travel up to 10¸000 nautical miles on its own to hunt for stealthy submarines and underwater mines. The military’s research arm¸ the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency¸ or DARPA¸ in conjunction with the Navy will be testing the ship off the San Diego coast over the next two years to observe how it interacts with other vessels and avoids collisions.

According to the head of Berkshire Hathaway¸ insurers should worry about self-driving cars¸ not climate change. At the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting last weekend¸ Warren Buffett shared his insurance industry forecast and brought up a number of trends and innovations that have been the topic of conversation among experts in this arena. The main point that has drawn the spotlight is that Buffett doesn’t feel climate change will harm the industry. According to the insurance industry forecast he shared¸ climate change shouldn’t be causing any pain to his business.

San Francisco city leaders have approved a $3.45 million settlement from Asiana Airlines involving a fiery 2013 airport crash that killed three people and injured nearly 200 others. The city attorney had called the proposed settlement the final chapter in the tragedy caused when Asiana Flight 214 clipped a seawall on an approach to San Francisco International Airport and burst into flames on the runway. The vote Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors was unanimous and without comment.

Here’s the shocking moment a construction crew hoisted a Williamsburg family’s SUV off the street to make room for work on a luxury building site. Contractors for Two Trees Management used a forklift to uproot the 2004 Infiniti while working on the $2 billion redevelopment of the former Domino Sugar Refinery.“You can’t just pick up somebody’s nice car and toss it wherever¸” the family’s son¸ Henry Nahrwold¸ fumed to The Post. The family¸ which has lived one block east of the historic Domino site for more than 30 years¸ found the SUV deposited on the curb Friday afternoon.

CRF Frozen Foods is expanding a recall of frozen organic and traditional fruits and vegetables over possible listeria contamination. The recall includes some 358 products sold under 42 brand names¸ including items like kale¸ potatoes¸ blueberries¸ strawberries¸ broccoli and various vegetable medleys¸ among others. The products were sold at retailers nationwide¸ including Trader Joe’s and Costco¸ with “best buy” dates between April 26¸ 2016 and April 26¸ 2018.
So far¸ eight people have become sick due to the outbreak and several have been sent to the hospital after contracting the illness¸ CBS2 reported.

Medical errors¸ including wrong diagnoses¸ botched surgeries and medication mistakes¸ are the third leading cause of death in the United States¸ a new study suggests. Scientists from Johns Hopkins found that more than 250¸000 Americans die due to medical mishaps every year¸ greater than the toll from any major medical condition except heart disease or cancer. The findings¸ published in The BMJ¸ come from an analysis of death rate records spanning eight years. Study author Dr. Martin Makary¸ surgical director of the Johns Hopkins Multidisciplinary Pancreas Clinic and a professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins Medicine¸ said rates for deaths related to "medical care gone awry" aren’t tracked in a standardized way.

Under pressure from U.S. regulators¸ Japanese air bag manufacturer Takata Corp (7312.T) is expected to announce as early as Wednesday that it is recalling 35 million to 40 million additional inflators in U.S. vehicles¸ three sources briefed on the matter said on Tuesday. The expanded recall will be phased in over several years and more than double what is already the largest and most complex auto safety recall in U.S. history. The new recall will cover all frontal air bag inflators without a drying agent¸ sources briefed on the matter said.

Fire raged unchecked through the Canadian city of Fort McMurray overnight as authorities raced to complete the evacuation of its population of 80¸000¸ fearful that hot¸ dry winds forecast for Wednesday would further fan the flames.
About 44¸000 people were estimated to have fled the city by late on Tuesday on traffic-chocked roads¸ and the province of Alberta requested military help to bring the blaze under control and airlift others from fire- and smoke-filled streets. "I’m afraid that huge parts of my home town... may burn tonight and will continue to burn¸" Brian Jean¸ leader of Alberta’s official opposition party¸ told CBC Radio¸ saying his own home was in the immediate path of the flames.

An Ontario jury has taken the unusual step of imposing $175¸000 in punitive damages on insurance companies that denied compensation to a man who lost his home in a fire.Before the jurors came back with their award on April 19¸ a judge told jurors that punitive damages should only be imposed in exceptional instances of marked misconduct. Abdul Hamid Haji-Fazul¸ 44¸ lost his house and all its contents on his then-40-hectare rural property in Stevensville¸ south of Niagara Falls¸ Ont.¸ in a fire in April 2011. Haji-Fazul was insured by Lloyd’s Underwriters under Contract PM900 and Sovereign General Insurance Co.

Chubb has now started to offer an additional cyberbullying insurance policy option to customers who already have homeowners coverage through the insurer¸ with the hopes of providing added protection against many forms of digital cruelty and humiliation. While it can be very embarrassing for people who have discovered that someone else has posted embarrassing photos on social media accounts or who have been digitally attacked with wave upon wave of hateful messages¸ a significant reputational and emotional cost can result.