The Taiwanese government has ordered an investigation into the collapse of a highrise building¸ as images emerged showing tin cans built into the walls of the toppled complex. Emergency workers came across the tin cans during the rescue operation¸ Taiwan’s state news agency Central News Agency reported. They appear to have been used as construction fillers in beams.

A family of two adults¸ three children and their pet dog have been displaced after a fire destroyed their home.
The family was sitting in their van that was parked on the street in front of the house when crews arrived.
A fire official said they did not have any coats on¸ but all got out of the house OK.
While crews responded at the scene a propane tank exploded inside the house.

A 3-acre brush fire that threatened Camarillo homes before firefighters gained control of it Sunday highlights the dangers gusty Santa Ana winds were expected to pose overnight and into Monday¸ a fire official said. Firefighters first responded to a structure being threatened in the 1400 block of Avenida De Aprisa around 8:17 p.m.¸ according to the Ventura County Fire Department. Someone had reported a home’s wood deck was on fire¸ Division Chief Ted Smith said.

One of the world’s newest and biggest cruise ships on Sunday was caught in a storm so powerful that the captain ordered passengers confined to their cabins for safety. Royal Caribbean’s 168¸666-on Anthem of the Seas experienced "extreme wind and sea conditions" that were not expected as it was sailing south from the New York area to Port Canaveral¸ Fla.¸ according to a Royal Caribbean statement sent to USA TODAY.

Organized fraud rings are active in South Carolina¸ taking advantage of the state’s lack of resources to investigate and prosecute insurance fraud. That was the message that some 150 law enforcement personnel¸ insurance industry representatives and elected officials heard at the annual insurance fraud summit in Greenville this week. The summit¸ organized by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and the South Carolina Insurance News Service (SCINS)¸ focused on the need for additional resources and legislative remedies to fight the growing insurance crime problem in the state.

The age of automation is upon us. With technological advances set to affect up to 45% of all work activities in the United States¸ professionals in the insurance industry can expect significant disruption in the way they do business¸ a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute finds. According to the analysis¸ as many as 25% of full-time insurance positions could be consolidated or replaced in the next 10 years. The most at-risk positions include those in operations¸ administrative support¸ IT and product development¸ marketing and sales support.

A New York state court has ruled that Christie’s Fine Art Storage Services will not have to pay $11.5 million to insurance companies who’d claimed the company acted negligently during Hurricane Sandy¸ allowing art under their care to be damaged or destroyed. Axa Art and StarNet Insurance sued Christie’s after artwork owned by clients and stored at the company’s Red Hook¸ Brooklyn storage facility¸ was damaged in the storm. Axa Art insured the collection of the Jacqueline Piatigorsky Revocable Trust¸ and StarNet the works of Leroy Neiman¸ both of which were damaged by flooding.

If you work at a restaurant¸ or any other business with windows¸ take note: don’t listen to anyone who calls and tells you to break every window and door you can lay your hands on. We already heard about Burger King workers in California who fell prey to that prank recently¸ and now it seems the staff at both an Arizona Wendy’s and a Jack in the Box have played Simon Says¸ demolition version¸ as well.

Swedish Medical Center is looking into a possible drug diversion or the stealing of narcotic pain medication intended for patients by a former employee¸ the hospital announced Wednesday afternoon. The medical center would not confirm the identity of the employee but said the surgical technician was removed immediately after the alleged suspicious activity came to light. The surgical technician’s actions might have put some surgery patients at risk for exposure to HIV¸ hepatitis B or hepatitis C viruses.

At least one fatality has been confirmed after a construction crane fell in downtown Manhattan this morning. Images of the crane¸ which fell around 8:40 a.m.¸ show the crane lying on top of parked cars in the street. It is still unclear if people were in the cars or if there were any additional injuries.The New York Fire Department confirmed the fatality but did not release any further details. The Associated Press is reporting that the FDNY is treating two people at the scene of the crash¸ which happened on Worth Street in Tribeca.