A home in Burlington¸ Vermont¸ is dangerously close to falling into the Winooski River¸ following a series of landslides."It was scary¸" said Wayne Gingras¸ who was fishing on the river Monday as some soil and stone tumbled into the water. "That was a huge chunk of earth to come down. "Sunday morning¸ a much larger cave-in left the home at 242 Plattsburgh Ave. teetering on the brink of the river. "If you were out in the back yard when that (landslide) happened¸ it wouldn’t have been good¸" observed Battalion Chief Scott Crady¸ of the Burlington Fire Department.

Crash-test dummies¸ who have dutifully endured thousands of simulated accidents from the front seat¸ are about to get a ride in the back. Regulators are making the move as part of a new emphasis on the safety of back-seat passengers¸ including children in car seats¸ which has lagged advances made for those riding up front. Lending urgency to the effort: the rise of Uber Technologies Inc.¸ Lyft Inc. and a new car-sharing economy that has more people riding in the rear. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to test dummies in back seats in new models as part of its 5-Star Safety Ratings Program beginning in 2019.

Federal authorities say 66 firearms have been stolen from a gun range outside Atlanta. The Bureau of Alcohol¸ Tobacco¸ Firearms and Explosives said in a news release Wednesday that the crime happened during the early morning hours of May 18 at the American Heritage Gun Range and Training Center. The statement noted the theft was the second from the business in the past 30 days. The federal agency and the National Shooting Sports Foundation trade group are offering a total reward of $5¸000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible.

Far from a victimless crime perpetuated against bloated corporations¸ insurance fraud reaches into the lives of everyday citizens. It costs the industry more than $50 billion each year. Not million—billion. And insurance companies pass their expenses on to you¸ the everyman consumer¸ resulting in premiums that cost the average family $400-$700 more than they should per year. So even if you never commit insurance fraud yourself¸ it still hits you in the wallet. You may have heard of people burning their cars to collect insurance claims or hiding their cars far and wide and claiming they were “stolen.” However¸ insurance fraud gets much weirder than that.

Six men are charged with allegedly staging car accidents in an effort to defraud car insurance companies. A federal grand jury in New Haven returned an indictment charging six men with fraud and conspiracy offenses¸ according to Deirdre M. Daly¸ U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut¸ and Patricia M. Ferrick¸ Special Agent in Charge of the New Haven Division of the FBI. The nine-count indictment was returned on May 18¸ 2016¸ and was unsealed Monday¸ May 24.

Ford is recalling some of its top-selling vehicles in the U.S. to fix a fluid leak that can reduce braking power. The recall covers about 271¸000 F-150 pickups in North America from the 2013 and 2014 model years that have 3.5-liter V6 engines.
Ford says brake fluid can leak from the master cylinder. That could reduce the ability of the front brakes to stop the trucks.
The company reports nine crashes with no injuries¸ but one person was hurt in an unspecified interaction with the brakes.
Dealers will replace the brake master cylinder for free.

Firefighters battled a spectacular 5-alarm fire at a Santa Clara strip mall that sent flames and smoke towering into the early morning sky Wednesday¸ authorities said. Fire officials say they got a call around 3 a.m. reporting the fire at the L-shaped mall located on El Camino Real near the Lawrence Expressway. At least seven businesses including a hair salon¸ bakery and restaurant have been destroyed and others heavily damaged. At 5:30 a.m.¸ firefighters were attempting to take a defensive position to halt the spread of the fire in an effort to save buisnesses not already damaged.

An Amtrak train collided with a car in San Leandro Tuesday afternoon killing a woman and a young child inside the car.
Firefighters responded at 1:19 p.m. to reports of a collision on the railroad tracks in the area of Washington Avenue and Chapman Road¸ fire spokeswoman Aisha Knowles said. The crash involved a dark green SUV and an Amtrak train. The train traveled about a quarter of a mile on the tracks after the crash before coming to a stop. A passenger on the train that spoke with KCBS said the train’s whistle was blowing¸ and the train was braking before the crash.

Homes were damaged and at least two people were critically injured in Kansas as severe storms swept across the Plains¸ authorities said Wednesday. The Kansas Adjutant General’s Department said the storms in western and south-central parts of the state downed trees and power lines and damaged rural homes and outbuildings. Emergency management officials in Ford County reported that two people were critically injured Tuesday night and taken to a hospital in Dodge City¸ the department said in a statement early Wednesday. No fatalities were reported.

Insurance claims could top the thousands after a hail storm ripped through Billings last weekend¸ and left a path of destruction. A whole fleet of rental vehicles at the airport was damaged with busted windows¸ windshield damages and broken side mirrors. A couple car rental companies here in Billings said due to the damage¸ people will have to wait at least a week to reserve a vehicle. Several residents reported golf ball sized hail smashed windshields and cause severe body damage to their vehicles. State Farm Insurance said Billings residents submitted 590 auto and 300 homeowner claims to their office since Saturday.