The fire in April destroyed Jeanie Kendrick’s plans. “My dream was to retire and have the American dream. My own home¸” she said. Two days after the devastating fire gutted her mobile home¸ she and her granddaughter Denette say two women from CRDN Textile Experts showed up unannounced to the burned home. “They told me my insurance company sent them¸” she said. “I said¸ ‘State Farm sent you?’” Denette recalls. “And they said¸ ‘yes.’”

Drive safely these next few days – it’s a dangerous time of year to be on the road. There are 34% more car accidents on Black Friday¸ 25% more accidents on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving¸ and 20% more accidents on Thanksgiving Day compared to the two weeks before and after¸ according to new data from Progressive Insurance. On Thanksgiving evening and Black Friday¸ the most common kinds of accidents were backing or parking-related – so be wary of parking lots full of shoppers in a mad rush to get holiday deals.

The number of deaths from traffic accidents in the United States jumped 8.1 percent in the first half of 2015¸ suggesting smartphones and other driving distractions could be making America’s roadways more dangerous¸ officials said on Tuesday.
Preliminary government statistics¸ released during a Thanksgiving holiday week known for heavy traffic congestion¸ showed deaths rising to 16¸225 in the January-June period at a rate more than double an increase in overall driving spawned by falling gasoline prices and a growing economy.

At least 19 people in seven states may have been infected by E. coli after eating rotisserie chicken salad sold at Costco Wholesale Corp’s (COST.O) stores¸ the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday. Five people have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported¸ but two individuals developed hemolytic uremic syndrome¸ or HUS¸ a type of kidney failure that can lead to permanent organ damage.The infections have been reported in Montana¸ Utah¸ Colorado¸ California¸ Missouri¸ Virginia and Washington¸ CDC said.

In January¸ Rick and Sue Herrera suffered a devastating loss when their daughter Sue Sue died in a fire at their home. The Herreras sought comfort knowing they were fully insured. The day after the fire¸ the Herreras say their insurance adjuster from Auto Club Family Insurance Company¸ also known as AAA¸ seemed puzzled by the size of their home. The Kansas City couple says they later learned AAA had their home insured for 3¸617 square feet instead of 7¸ 531 square feet. The Herreras thought it was a clerical error that could be easily fixed.

Holiday car thieves had their busiest day in 2014 on¸ ironically¸ Labor Day¸ stealing 2¸200 vehicles according to new data released today by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). NICB’s 2014 Annual Holiday Vehicle Theft Report analyzes data from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC)¸ which showed a total of 695¸246 vehicle thefts for the year. After Labor Day¸ New Year’s Day was the next most active holiday with 2¸011 thefts. Halloween came in third with 2¸010 thefts followed by Memorial Day with 1¸933 thefts.

Tropical Storm Sandra has formed in the eastern Pacific well south of Mexico and is expected to later strengthen to a hurricane. The storm’s maximum sustained winds Tuesday morning are near 45 mph (75 kph). The U.S. National Hurricane Center says Sandra is expected to become a Cat. 1 hurricane (74-95 mph winds) on Wednesday. The National Hurricane Center reports that as of 3 a.m. Central time Tuesday: "During the next 3-4 days¸ Sandra is forecast to gradually slow down as it moves around the western periphery of a deep-layer subtropical ridge that extends from the southwestern Gulf of Mexico westward across central Mexico.

The first snowfall of the season turned out to be slippery one in southeast Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Department of Public Works had 111 salt trucks on the main roads early Saturday in an attempt to stay on top of the snow. Roads remained slippery in the evening as city crews turned their attention to the side streets in an attempt to clear out snow before temperatures drop overnight.DPW officials say they’ll be out as long as it takes to clear the roads. Despite public pleas for drivers to slow down¸ accidents were still reported throughout the viewing area.

For the fourth year in a row¸ the numbers of vehicle crashes in Texas involving both injuries and fatalities have risen. Both numbers began rising dramatically in 2012¸ when Texas highway speed limits were raised. “With new safety features on vehicles and the 55 mile per hour speed limit¸ traffic fatalities had gone down every year¸” said Mark Hanna¸ a spokesman for the Insurance Council of Texas. “As soon as the speed limits began rising on Texas highways¸ so did the number of traffic injuries and fatalities.”

A tractor-trailer driver suffered minor injuries after the tanker truck he was driving crashed into a guardrail Sunday in Paris Township. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol¸ Derek W. Johns¸ 39¸ of Marshville¸ Ohio¸ was traveling east on Route 5 about 6:35 a.m. when he went left of center and hit a guardrail. The tanker then flipped over¸ splitting open the tank containing 8¸000 of gasoline. The gas immediately caught fire and consumed the truck. Johns¸ who was using his seat belt¸ was able to release himself and break the windshield to escape the truck.